[EN] Concept map. WWW, PostModernism and Mass Media.

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A picture is worthier -and easier to understand- than thousand words, although it is not always easy to find good pictures for the ideas you have. I like Concept Maps as CmapTools propose: they are in some way a maximal simplification of an UML analysis. Sometimes those Concept Maps are the only way to explain (and to understand) such things as the feedback between Lyotard and Braudillard postmodern society, web technology and the empowerment of mass media. Those, in my opinion, are the three social institutions that will become the most important in post-postmodern society, when the digital natives will be installed in society building positions.

OK. Here it is my concept map.

Here it is! The concept map! ==> Click to enlarge

Raúl Antón Cuadrado

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